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The Unfortunate Death of Individualism

America is not libertarian. In fact, few countries nowadays are even remotely individualist. I look at the political atmosphere today, and I find myself in opposition to nearly everyone. I doubt that anti-statism will ever take root in my lifetime. I am not certain the state can be defeated, as it has a grasp on nearly every facet of our lives, most importantly our education and our media. Perhaps, a new age of reason will dawn, but I fear it will not.
With this in mind, I will still fight. There is virtue in fighting for what is right, even if ignorance and immorality reign. And while the libertarian movement will not be able to reverse all the damage the state has done and is doing, we can slow it down. Imagine a world where the state wasn’t impeded, where it was allowed to grow into an even larger entity than it is today. We must always oppose any growth of the leviathan, we must fight the beast, for if not us, then who? Perhaps one day technology will decentralize our lives so much that the state grows into irrelevance.You are not alone, fellow traveler, thousands like us are out there.

25 notes - 10 March, 2012

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    Collectivism is now the main cancer afflicting society, and it has been festering for a long time. It will not be cured...